Hey 👋, I'm Cole Gawin, freelance brand-gineer.

Working with passionate brands is my passion.

I work with people to deliver quality experiences to meaningful audiences.


How Astro compares to Next.js for React apps

Cole looking professional

A little introduction to Cole

I love to build, design, and create.

Turning designs and concepts into reality is fascinating to me and powers my drive to create. Each time I see my passion and dedication reflected in the results of a project that I’ve poured so much hard work into, it inspires me to continue to go above and beyond.

Ever since I first got my hands on a computer, I was hooked. Playing Flash games on the family HP desktop opened my eyes to a world of possibilities where you can display things—anything—on a computer screen. My first foray into website development led me down a rabbit hole of curiosity and learning, eventually resulting me discovering HTML, JavaScript, and jQuery, and my interest only blossomed from there. Little did I know that the baby steps I took yesterday would lead me to developing the passion for software development and design that I have today.

Cole Gawin

More than an engineer — more than a designer.

What is a “brand-gineer”?


A select list of things I've made and am currently working on.

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